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Name:Parker Lee
When we first met Parker at Hearst College, she was little more than a perky, cheerful, outgoing, girly foil as a roommate for Mac and sidekick for Veronica. The only child of controlling parents, Parker spent her first week of college doing what many new freshmen do; cutting loose and going a little wild.

Unlike most new freshmen, she had the bad luck to cross paths with a serial rapist.

She’s come a long way since.


Parker is a people person, a fierce friend, and a natural born den mother. She is generally open and friendly to all she meets. She likes to talk, likes to laugh, and is genearlly cheerful and upbeat, though these qualities are now tempered by maturity and confidence. Parker is especially fond of children and enjoys their company--sticky hands, runny noses, and all.

None of which means that she is a pushover. Parker can and will hand you your own ass if she deems it necessary.

Parker is an active person. She doesn’t knock curling up with a good book, but on any given day, she’d rather be out doing something. Horseback riding, hiking, swimming, dancing, exploring. And if she can drag you along, so much the better.

Parker is twenty-two years old, and a graduate of Hearst Collge, Class of 2010. She is employed as Assistant Event Coordinator and general Woman of All Work on the Tumblin' A Ranch outside of Coiner, Texas. She has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and is 5'8" tall. She is also fluent in Spanish (much to the terror of her mun, who is not).

She also does things that make her mun’s head hurt, like insisting on having a LJ of her very own: [info]new_steps

Parker Lee is from Veronica Mars, and is the property of Rob Thomas and the CW. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Parker's PB, on the show and in Milliways, is Julie Gonzalo.

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